Federico Ramacciotti

Hey 👋 I am Federico

Software Developer and Student

I am a Master Student in Computer Science at University of Pisa. I love to learn new technologies and build small tools to practice with them.

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⏱️ Stopwatches

SwiftUI, macOS, 4 ⭐️

Tiny SwiftUI app that I built to track the time spent to prepare my Bachelor's Degree thesis and to learn SwiftUI. This app simply creates new stopwatches and keeps track of them.

💧 Water Reminder

Go, macOS/Linux, 62 ⭐️

My first app built in Go, it's a menu bar app that reminds you to drink through notifications. With this app i learned Go and go threads.

⚙️ Synchronized queue

C, Library, 10 ⭐️

It's a small library written in C for a thread-safe queue of pointers. I started developing it for the Operating Systems course at the University and then I slightly expanded and refined it.

✉️ Message in a Bottle

Python, Docker web server

Microservices-based messaging service, developed for a University Course. I learned in depth Python, Docker, microservices achitectures, APIs and databases.

₿ Bitcoin libp2p sim


Project made for my Bachelor's thesis. It's a *very* simple simulation of Bitcoin's system, created using Go and libp2p. Here I learned to use Go in a big project, P2P and blockchain concepts.

Other projects


You can find all the other projects I made on Github!

Master in Computer Science

University of Pisa, Italy

Sep 2021 - Present

Bachelor in Computer Science

University of Pisa, Italy

Sep 2018 - Jul 2021

Go, Python, Swift/SwiftUI, C, C++, Java, OCaml, Haskell.
Docker, Git, Linux, Apple.
Microservices-based applications with Docker, Flask and mySQL.
Multi-threaded synchronized programs in multiple languages.
Agile development and team work.

If you want to read my resume, contact me at vgfede@gmail.com

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